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Flashforge Dreamer NX 3D Printer


Flashforge Dreamer NX is a single extruder 3d printer with similar printing performance as Dreamer. Looking for high precise educational 3d printer at a more economical price? Dreamer NX might be a great option!


Patent Extruder

Improves Molding Effect Adequately
Dreamer NX applies Flashforge’s patent extruder which loads filament smoothly and steadily. With an inner turbo fan equipped to create a circular air supply around the extruder, Dreamer NX adequately improves 3d models’ molding effects.

Heated Bed Made from Aerospace-grade Aluminum

Heats up Evenly, Reliable Results

Dreamer NX’ s build bed heats up evenly, which effectively reduced warping on object edges and eventually ensures reliable 3d print results.

Heating Plate
Heat up quickly and steadily. Long service life, precise 3D print results guaranteed.
Aluminum Plate
Level and flat surface ensures even heating up and good molding effect.
Platform Tape
FlashForge’s exclusive R&D design, allows high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and easy installation.

Smart Temp Circulation System

Equally Geared towards PLA and ABS
Temperature is critical for 3d printing. Dreamer NX uses a constant temperature circulation system to achieve excellent 3d prints regardless of filament types.
When chamber temperature exceeds 50℃, the built-in sensor will automatically activate fans to speed up air circulation and cooling inner room down to stable temperature for high quality 3D prints.

Multiple Connection Methods

Prints Freely with WiFi, USB and SD Card
3D printer users crave for WiFi wireless connection feature as
it brings so much freedom. Except for WiFi printing, Dreamer
NX also support printable files transferred via USB and SD card.
You can also use these options to upgrade firmware.

Bespoke Slicing Software

Qualified for beginners & experts 3d printing demands.
Manage multiple 3D Printers via WiFi.
Offers linear and treelike supports.
Link to FlashCloud to download & share 3d ideas.
Weight30 kg

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