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5-Day 3D Printing and Design Workshop


This hands-on 5-day workshop will take you through the process of design and modelling using CAD software as well as understanding and operating a 3D Printer.


 “The future will be made by designers and makers, NOT consumers”


There’s never been a better time to learn about 3D Printing!
This 5-Day 3D Printing workshop teaches students all the necessary skills and expertise to design and print parts on an FDM style 3D Printer. In this hands on workshop, students will learn the various techniques involved with designing in Rhinoceros 3D, setting up the 3D Printer slicing software, and a few additional printing tips, tricks and techniques.
Best of all, every student will get the chance to print and take home their designs.

Course Overview

An intense, exciting and hands-on workshop that will take participants through the process of designing, modelling and 3D printing their own ideas. 
The course covers:
Introduction to 3D Printing
Types and properties of 3D printing materials available
Introduction to 3D design software and modelling
Exporting designs for 3D Printing
Advanced modelling techniques
Optimising 3D models for 3D printing
Understanding the language of 3D printing
Operating Procedure of a 3D printer
Day 1: Introduction to 3D Printing
Day 2: Introduction to 3D Modelling (Using Rhino3D or Fusion 360)
Day 3: Modelling Techniques
Day 4: Advanced Modelling Techniques
Day 5: Print your Models and Tests

Why 3D Print?
3D-printing is a rapidly emerging technology used for both rapid prototyping (creating prototypes for research and design purposes) and rapid manufacturing (creating the end product that will reach the market). This course will introduce students to the concept of computer-aided design using 3D modelling software that is both free and easily available.

After the Course

Students will be able to continue designing their own models at home and will be given instructions on how they can order their prints to be delivered.

Other Information

Students will be required to come with their own Laptops.
Laptops will need to be 64bit

A USB mouse will be required
Highly Interactive session in a conducive modern environment
Training Handouts provided

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